Monday, May 25, 2009

MILK does the body good!

7290 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 939-6455

price: $
verdict: omg, i love it!

milk makes me lactate...i mean, milk makes me salivate. mmmmm....

i dropped by milk after a shopping spree at century city. like the uncool girl who is always one season late with the fashion trends, i am late with jumping on the milk bandwagon as well, but like the saying goes, better late than never (if you want to pretend to even care, milk has been featured on mtv's "the hills" since 2007 and was made very popular ever since). my quick visit was suppose to be for a quickie dessert fix which eventually turned into a reversed late lunch with a lot of sugary items to go. aigh, my fat butt.

i ordered their infamous blue velvet cake. yummmm. dark blue cake with blueberries nestled within and a generous coating of a cream cheese frosting which was perfect. to top it off, each slice had a chocolate covered blueberry.

the frosting to cake ratio was just right which meant a delectable bite times 20. as i ate, my friend notified me of my blue tongue. great, now i look like i licked a smurf. and to top that off, fast forward to the inevitable moment when you visit the crapper after eating one of these blue velvet babies, it will look like you pooped out a smurf as well. damn that blue dye is POTENT. consider yourself WARNED.

i couldn't resist the sugary temptations i saw around me and ordered myself a mint chocolate crunch shake to accompany my blue velvet. mmmm, loved the mint ice cream, love the teenie tiny chocolate pieces, and love, love, love the freshly made whipped cream. with some help, the entire shake was consumed with much enthusiasm.



by that time, a few more sightings of their savory items made my belly full of sugar yearn for something more substantial...and salty. i ended up ordering a hot pressed herb roasted chicken breast sammich. very yummy as well. the salad had a good tart balsamic vinegear dressing and the sammich had great oozy mozzarella cheese and portobello mushrooms to boot. tender, juicy chicken breast with a great pesto sauce. i really liked it...

before i walked away, i got a few dessert items to go to bribe a few folks in my life. of course i was able to taste them as well :)

two miniature red velvet cupcakes. the cake part tasted dry, but i suspect it might be because of their tiny stature that dried them out so easily. they were alright, but i probably wouldn't get them again. i may try the bigger red velvet version to see if that made a difference. i also got two mini blueberry muffins. ok, but nothing to rave about. their crumbly tops and muffin bottoms were too dry.

the carrot cake was a tad too sweet for me, but it was polished off quickly by other family members. the carrot cake had generous hunks of walnut.

the chocolate covered coconut macaroon was really tasty. the coconut had a nice glaze to it and was my favorite item from all the other sugary sweetness that i brought home.

what a sugar high i was on after visiting milk! i will be seeing you again. and again. and again.


  1. your blog rejected my comment! anyways, i was cursing you bc i now am dying for a smurf cake.

  2. my blog is having mood swings. explains the sugar fix. smurf cake is goooooooood.

  3. so you blog is a woman eh? hehe.

  4. not just any woman. it is a PHAT woman yutjangsah.

  5. ice cream. we cream for ice cream. @ milk, but not at scoops.

  6. scoops is da bomb! have yet to taste ice cream at milk.


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