Friday, May 1, 2009

a salty peruvian

Mario's Peruvian & Seafood
5786 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038
(323) 466-4181

price: $$
verdict: it's aight

i've never had peruvian food so i was excited to try mario's based on yelper reviews. when a friend serendipitously suggested this place for dinner last night, i was already out the door. come on let's go!

it was a long wait as expected. after an eternity passed. we were finally seated in mario's modest looking dining area. we started off our dining experience with the ceviche mixto. holy crap that's good! it is super limey which really hits a good spot for my taste buds. wow, if all the other dishes delivered itself like the ceviche, i'm totally going to pitch a tent outside their door.

:( the lomo saltado dish DID NOT DELIVER. sadness. the beef was really tough and it was an overall SALTY dish. maybe it was a sign when you can isolate the word "salt" in saltado. ugh. why oh why did it taste so....disappointing? i loved the french fry concept in the dish and was so ready to fall in love with mario's. i don't know if risking hypertesion is worth the second chance.

hypertension served daily!

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