Thursday, May 7, 2009

honey drenched nuts

Baklava Factory Food Products
1415 E. Colorado Street, Suite K
Glendale, CA 91205
(818) 548-7070

price: $
verdict: not worth my time

i'm going to preface this review by saying i have "asian" taste buds when it comes to desserts. that means i don't like my sweets overly sweet. oxymoron you might say? bite me.

baklava factory is a few steps away from zankou. not feeling fat enough from stuffing face there, i went to pick up dessert. i definitely felt out of sorts here, not because it was unpleasant, but because this place really does house a wide range of baklava/sweets to choose from and most which i'm hardly familiar with. i decided to get one of most things and went home for a taste test.

in general, i think everything i brought home was too sweet. i'm not a huge fan of items drenched in honey but that's what it was...items drenched with honey and stuffed with nuts. except for this one piece that i remember called the "finger" which was pretty yummay. but really? would i go back just to get the "finger?" i get that all the time on the 405 and it's free! but if you are a baklava whore, i imagine all their goodies there are probably pretty tasty. it's just not for me though....too sweet.

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