Friday, May 1, 2009

a raisin bread pillow

Yamazaki Bakery
123 Japanese Vlg Plz Mll
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 624-2773

price: $
verdict: tasty, try it!

if my house was made out of yummy edible things, my bed would be made out of marshmellows and my pillow would be made out of yamazaki double soft raisin bread. that's right, not just soft once, but double the softness. ok, now i just made it sound like toilet paper.....

this raisin bread is so squishibly delicious. the bread is fluffy and the raisins are plump and sweet. i like the fact that they don't have TOO many raisins in there, mainly because i'm a carb whore and i want my fluffy bread. this is the only place i would go for raisin bread. seriously for $3.20, you should too!

yamazaki also sells other pastries and things. i've tried almost every single item they have behind that glass counter and all i can say is "meh." i shall stick to the bread. at least i know the bread is a guaranteed winner.

so soft, you can rest your head on it.

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