Saturday, May 2, 2009

too french for french fries

3355 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 414-6200

price: $$$
verdict: tasty, try it!

bouchon is code word for "sitting there and eating forever." seriously, it's not bad service or anything. i'm just not use to the way the french do it, which is sitting down for a long ass dinner and savoring every bite! my asian upbringing trained me to suck down my food quickly because there's things to do peoples! like gambling! we were in vegas after all and every hour that ticked by, i knew my chances for shooting dice at the craps table were diminishing. i was not ready for such a long eating fest. goodness, it took us close to 3 hours from beginning to end.

now that i covered the whiny part of the review, the food was pretty delicious. my friends and i started off by sharing a few appetizers: pork belly (oh my buddha, how delicious it was. tender, melty fat, topped with crispy pork skin! what more can your taste buds ask for?!), melon salad with white anchovies dressing, and an endive salad. so good! every flavor blended well with each other and honestly, after the appetizers and the bread, i was ready to stop. the thickness of the meal was already settling in my belly.

but the tasting journey continued. i ordered beef short ribs for my entree which sat on a bed of corn and button mushrooms with a squirt of mash potatoes on the side. i thought the short ribs were phenomenal, tender and flavorful, but the sauce eventually tasted saltier and saltier by the forkful. the sauce was also very thick, not to mention the heaviness of the mash potatoes. although thick in good flavor, the entree was more than enough and i felt stuffed!

but of course, overeating isn't considered overeating unless you are on the brink of barfing it all up but STILL decide to get dessert anyways....and we did. we literally ordered a dessert that is like "a pot of coffee flavored cream." it came with three cookies and once i had that in my mouth, all i could think of was, "i am so full and this is such a fat move. gawd, who's going to roll me back the jockey club now?!"


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