Friday, May 1, 2009

whacked out taco taste

Taco Laguna
211 Broadway
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

price: $
verdict: hells no!

coming from l.a. where great mexican food for cheaps is readily available really spoils you. somehow when we got down to laguna beach for pageant of the masters, i thought i could find the same. so naive i am. i had a burrito craving and a quick stroll around the area yielded taco laguna. for $7.34, i got a wet carne asada burrito and a small drink. great deal right? great deal until the first bite that is. *sigh*

the meat was cut up into tiny chunks. at one point, i had to inspect the meat to see if it was ground beef instead. nope. they also used this whacked out cheese in the burrito which gave the burrito a whacked out cheese taste. overall, not tasty but i was too hungry to protest.

the only redeeming quality about the food is that it didn't give me diarrhea. it gets an extra one star for that.

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