Friday, May 1, 2009

messed up miyako

2212 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 483-4939

price: $$
verdict: hells no!

have you ever gotten so hungry that you feel like you are about to faint? the kind that makes your head hurt and your belly churn? tonight, i got so hungry, i wanted to die.

i had to stay super late at work and it extended well into my typical 5pm dinner time. at 7pm, i finally left work and rushed to miyako. i was hungry and i wanted sushi. i remembered reading some good reviews about miyako and since it's so close to my hood too, i was ready to have it save me from starvation.

first of all, it has a "b" rating sign hanging from its doors. but i thought, what the heck, i've eaten some pretty sketchy street food from various third world asian countries before...this restaurant can't be any worse. the restaurant itself is small and was in total disarray! there was a table of patrons that had children running all over the place. they also brought in their cups full of 7-eleven icee...ghetto. the cashier was overwhelmed with phone orders so my plan to order take-out was quickly thwarted. since i wanted to eat as fast as possible and foregoing sushi was not an option at this point, i promptly plopped my booty down at the sushi bar. gawd, the wait at the sushi bar was just as bad.

seriously, the whole staff was overwhelmed and i'm so suprised too because i was told that they've been in business for 7 years now. really?! then why the heck are you guys such a mess?! the two grandpas behind the sushi bar were likeable, but i got the grandpa that did triple duty as cashier, waiter, AND sushi guy. not once did i witness him wash his hands after touching all types of crap. good gawd i prayed i wouldn't get the shits midway through my meal.

in terms of the food, i ordered a spicy tuna handroll, albacore, maguro, scallop sushi, and a scallop handroll. the only redeeming quality about miyako is the scallop sushi...omg, so good. the scallops were sweet and grandpa balanced the scallops well with a light coating of mayo and smelt eggs. if i ever become insane enough, i would go back just for their scallop sushi.

i REALLY, REALLY wanted to like miyako. it would have been perfectly convenient for me to have a good sushi joint closer to home. but alas, life is not always perfect or convenient.

where bad sushi multiplies....*shudders*

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