Saturday, May 2, 2009

hum drum ethel

Ethel's Chocolate Lounge
3200 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 796-6662

in the land of chocolatey goodness, ethel's chocolates sits right in the middle ground. it's definitely tastes better than store bought chocolates like hershey's or what not, but lacks the sophisticated and complex tastes that you might get at places like l'artisan in l.a. or vosges in ceasars palace. perhaps the best equivalent i can think of is see's candies.

the store itself is cute with little sitting areas for you to enjoy hot chocolate and other drinks. the display counter has a myriad of chocolates to choose from. when i was there last, i chose a caramel and toffee in milk chocolate and a truffle. each piece cost $2, but there is a "deal" when you get a box with a set number of pieces.

i wouldn't go out of my way to get chocolates here. i think with all the interesting flavor profiles that are being created by so many chocolatiers, ethel's chocolates would benefit from being a little more experimental themselves.

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