Thursday, May 7, 2009

passionless fish

701 Lighthouse Ave
Pacific Grove, CA 93950
(831) 655-3311

price: $$$
verdict: it's aight

passionfish reminds me of all things that fall know, like that sexy girl you trailed behind only to see a grandma's face when she turned around (yeah, go to forever 21 if you want to see some of that) or a good looking guy with small feet. come on now, you've felt the burn of expectations that aren't met! alas, passionfish is one of those.

after a great day at the aquarium, i was looking forward to having some good grub at passionfish based on the reviews that i read. everything started off pretty yummy. i had their crab salad which was tasty, a pork belly appetizer which was succulent, and finally settled on their duck confit entree which was good....UNTIL i took a bite of the potato gratin side which was smothered in this cheap cheddar cheese and took the meal down .5 stars. it seriously jacked up my tastebuds! it's like finding a piece of turd on your brand new christian louboutins....what a let down! and to add to the mehness, the sturgeon my eating buddy ordered tasted dry and totally underwhelming. that was disappointing too.

what began strong at passionfish slowly petered out into slightly above average food...and we all know that diminished passion (in anything) is never a good thing.

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