Wednesday, May 27, 2009

two boots and a belly

Two Boots
1818 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 413-2668

price: $
verdict: it's aight

hello new hipster addition to echo park. i know you're hipster. you're too colorful, too cool, and a tad too overpriced to claim otherwise. besides, you're right next to the echo and that place is a hipster hive. by default, you are hipsterish. deal with it.

i like the colorful exterior and the cute outdoor seating, though i'm CONTINUALLY amazed by the fact that people choose to sit right on sunset to eat. dirt, exhaust, smoke inhalation does not deter those that want the sun and those that want to be seen. perhaps my 25 something odd years of haunting this street has lowered my tolerance level for its grime. i do not eat outdoors when i'm on sunset. nope. i hide myself behind a restaurant window and marvel at the changing landscape that is echo park. i sometimes do hipster sighting, but nowadays, that is way too easy. instead, i wonder where all the old timers went, the working class immigrants that used to live here because the numbers, though not outnumbered, has clearly dwindled.

two boots is an east coast transplant (new york to be exact), set to grow in the california sun. new york pizza?! will i hear the angels sing when i eat a slice? is this THE pizza to put all other pizzas to shame?

the pizzas have interesting names and they do try to be creative with their ingredients. i'll give you a few points for that. mr. pink, bayou beast, night tripper, the dude...who wouldn't want to try something called "the dude." come on now!

really friendly dude serving pizza. he suggested the spicy buffalo wings pizza called "the bird." i declined. you can get pizza here by the slice and they run slightly under $4 each. probably best to try it out first before you committ yourself to a whole pizza, no matter the size.

as i broke out my camera to take some dorky blog pics for my d-list belly blog, the crew in the kitchen noticed and actually offered me a free slice of experimental pizza! heck yeah! i think they were being nice because 1) i have a camera and 2) i TOTALLY looked like i was important....not. thanks to all the wannabe foodies out there (yelp included) that have a blog and an opinion, the effects felt by businesses are very real, no matter how good or bad or big or small. so i think they were playing nice and offered me a free slice of their experimental "hamburger pizza" which a crew member made, just in case.... as disgusting as it sounds, it is fairly delicious. it really did taste like a burger on a pizza without the lettuce and tomatoes which they then later offered. the meat patty was not dried out during the cooking process and the cheese melted over everything in a good way. the onions carmalized well and the small pieces of pickle gave the bizza (burger pizza) a nice tartness. besides, i LOVE burgers and there's no better topping for a pizza than a burger in my opinion. i would get it again if they sold it.

since i felt bad that i didn't order anything and just ate free bizza, i decided to order their "larry tate," a white pie (no tomato sauce) with spinach, tomatoes, and fresh garlic. ack, totally boring. thin floppy crust, skimpy toppings, and a new note to self that i like my pizza with tomatoe sauce. period. i would not order it again.

comfortable eating space, interesting pizzas which i still need to try, and just why not. why not?


  1. yeah, why not? bizza sounds good. have you been to tomato pie? they made it to the top 10 list of some really erudite food critic. i am planning to eat at the melrose loc and will let you know.

  2. ooooh, i think there is a tomato pie in silverlake as well. try it out yutjangsah and blog your findings. i will go from there food scout.


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