Friday, May 1, 2009

food fix in fontana

El Ranchero at Falcon Ridge
15218 Summit Ave
Fontana, CA 92336
(909) 922-5800

price: $
verdict: it's aight

during our drive to vegas, we had to stop for a quick dinner in fontana. seriously, we had to or else i would have consumed my friend raw! we spotted el ranchero as we exited the 15 and decided to get a quick bite there.

as we stepped in through the doors, all i noticed was the menu because i had a one track mind. that's before i felt the prickly sensation i normally get when i feel stared at. the curious looks came from the patrons there and that's when i realized that all the folks there were umm... white...but white without the pointy hats. heck. aren't there any asians up in fontana?! not wanting to be paranoid, i turned to my friend to confirm this. she nods and agrees that they were indeed staring at us. dang!

the food iteself is alright. you order at the counter and they will deliver your food to your table. the restaurant is clean and the food was standard el torito-esque fare. not the best, but not the worse either. i LOVED the fact that my chili relleno and enchilada combo plate was SMOTHERED in cheese. yummy. with a medium sized drink, my dinner came out to be $9.78. not a bad place to fill my belly, rest, and to be reminded that i am a minority.

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