Friday, May 1, 2009

i don't "do" ugly

Ugly Roll Sushi
11128 Palms Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 837-8500

price: $
verdict: not worth my time

i was excited about ugly roll sushi because in the same breath of being told that it was a sushi place, my friend also used the word "cheap." hey, count me in! we are in a recession after all!

ugly roll is NOT a looker i tell yah. the decor is totally craptastic and the owner placed white butcher paper on the walls for you to draw on as you wait...or as a destractor from your present company. whatever you want. anyways, it reminds me of a public toilet stall where you can draw whatever you want on i did.

i ordered a lot so i can puff out my empty belly. i got their ugly roll combo, tempura roll, spicy tuna, philly roll, and this sushi dish called "over 18" which turned out to be an albacore tuna/avacado roll with ponzu sauce. the food was MEH. so MEH. i can really appreciate a good price point, but time and time again, i've been reminded that you can't do good sushi for cheaps. like dirt cheap i mean (komasa still rules in the department of good and cheap but it's still not dirt cheap). the fish were thinly sliced and not the best quality at that. the rolls are also cut pretty thin which tricks you into thinking there are a lot of pieces when in fact, it's just thinner and smaller. suckas! i do think they have a good tempura batter, but that's about it.

other than the hot looking owner and the tasty tempura, there's really no reason to come back. so i'm not.
thinly sliced sushi makes me sad :( see, sad face.

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