Friday, May 1, 2009

pay a little more, to get a little less. where is the justice in all this?

Salt Creek Grille
760 S Sepulveda Blvd
El Segundo, CA 90245
(310) 335-9288

price: $$
verdict: tasty, try it!

salt creek grille is a bougie version of the cheescake factory or grand lux cafe. it's a place where you can bring business partners or clients for a meal if you were a corporate bean counter. i am not, but i found myself there on a thursday night chowing down with a few friends.

the ambience is a bit too prefabricated for my tastes, but it works. there is an outside fireplace area for those waiting for a seat, a karaoke bar on the side if you were aspiring to be the next american idol, and a separate area for diners. on thursday nights, they have drink specials for $8. not bad considering that their mixed drinks on any other night can run up to about $12 per libatious pop.

after perusing the menu, i settled on the kobe burger. kobe beef in general makes my mouth water so i thought a marriage between my two most favorite things, kobe beef + burger, should yield a most excellent meal. honestly, that burger is pretty juicy and tasty, but it did not warrant the $19 price tag. $15 max for the burger in my opinion! you might be wondering why i am nit
picking $4 dollars, but these $4 could have bought me 1/2 a mixed drink. besides, i am NOT a fan of overpriced food without justification. honey, this burger ain't justified. i think you can probably find a similar burger at father's office.

the kobe burger is served with a side of their salt creek fries. oh my gawd! the fries are skinny, crispy, with just enough potato inside to remind you that it is indeed a fry. slivers of parmesean cheese are scattered amongst these fried tubers, giving you THE BEST tasting fries ever. i would come back just to order them! yes, they are THAT good.

at the end of the meal, we did not order any dessert though they looked enticing. i wouldn't necessarily make a point to come back here, but i guess if you bribe me with these fries, i might show up. overall, salt creek grille is totally acceptable if you don't mind paying a little more to get something a little less.

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